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Taking its positioning of breaking barriers further, Brooke Bond Red Label, in association with Star Sports, initiated the epic reunion of two cricketing stalwarts who once gave us the real taste of cricket’s greatest rivalry over a cup of tea.

The brand has through its content initiatives positioned itself for breaking barriers over a cup of tea and making the world a more welcoming place — be it the apprehension between a Hindu and a Muslim, the latent tension of new-age millennials’ live-in versus holy matrimony or even giving the third gender the voice it deserves with the 6 Pack Band.

The India vs. Pakistan match in 1996, a knockout clash, had all the makings of a classic. Pakistan opener Aamer Sohail had hammered Venkatesh Prasad for four to the square boundary and brashly signalled the bowler to fetch the ball. The Indian paceman just turned his back and prepared to send down the next ball. He got in a leg-cutter, and Sohail went for a big heave but completely missed the line. The ball crashed into the off stump. It was Prasad's turn to promptly show him the way to the pavilion.

With the endeavour facilitated by Mindshare, the two legends were back to bond after 22 years, and melt their differences over a cup of Brooke Bond Red Label tea, which was broadcast live on Star Sports on September 19, 2018, during India-Pakistan match of Asia Cup. 

On this initiative, Shiva Krishnamurthy, Vice-President, Tea and Foods, Hindustan Unilever, said, “Brooke Bond Red Label's purpose is to help people find common ground over a cup of tea. The India-Pakistan Asia Cup match is the perfect occasion for Venkatesh Prasad and Aamer Sohail to come together over a tasty cup of Brooke Bond Red Label and chat about their epic exchange at the 1996 World Cup Quarter Final.”

“The idea of getting the two stalwarts from the two most rival cricketing nations of the world to sit down relive and probably share a laugh over a cup of tea made for a great initiative for Red label tea, a brand that has always stood for breaking barriers,” said Premjeet Sodhi, Senior Vice-President, Mindshare Fulcrum, South Asia.

Ajay Mehta, Vice-President, Mindshare Fulcrum Content+, said, “No one has seen Aamer Sohail and Venkatesh Prasad together after that electrifying match of 1996. To get them back after 22 years and that too in a live match between India and Pakistan, reliving the moment, this time over a different cup is sweet… isn’t it?”

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