Budweiser Magnum Double Barrel Whiskey presents ‘Crossover Conversations' series in collaboration with artists and achievers

The first video captures the story of Tribemama, a multi-faceted artist who used her diverse cultural background in the music scene

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Magnum Double Barrel Whiskey has launched its new video series - titled ‘Crossover Conversations.’

This series features homegrown, emerging artists sharing their journey and highlighting the ways their art and personal style is inspired by people, places whilst bringing to fore an amalgamation of different cultures and ideologies.

The first video is a collaboration with artist Tribemama Marykali, also known as Anna Katharina Valayil.

In the documentary-style video, Tribemama narrates how her music reflects the diverse cultural background she was raised in and the role it played in her creative journey.

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Born in an Indian family with Malayali roots, Tribemama grew up in Nigeria and trained as a pilot in Bendigo, Australia. The video captures how her cultural background and global worldview had a profound impact on her music and lyrics.

Drawing from her diverse experiences, Tribemama’s music incorporates elements of Kerala folk music, afro-reggae beats, hip-hop rhythms, and electronic music - resulting in a contemporary and eclectic sound.

Tribemama's indigenous approach to music and art, aligns with Magnum Double Barrel's ambition to offer a high-quality, inclusive, and distinctive product that appeals to whiskey aficionados and newcomers alike, as per the brand.

The video emphasises the importance of cross-industry collaborations and showcases the power of bringing together diverse perspectives and backgrounds to create authentic, relevant, and unique outcomes.

Shiba Bhutani - Associate Director Marketing, opined, “We chose to collaborate with Tribemama because she represents the very essence of disruption and originality that Magnum Double Barrel embodies. Her diverse cultural background and distinct approach to music and art perfectly align with our brand's philosophy of fusing different cultures and flavours to create something truly novel and meaningful. Tribemama is an artist who pushes boundaries and dares to challenge conventions, and we are thrilled to join forces with her to bring a fresh perspective to the Indian whiskey market. Through this partnership, we aim to inspire others to break the mould and Make New Happen!"

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