Bumble presents a modern-day manifesto for dating in 2022

The manifesto has been prepared in collaboration with Agents of Ishq

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Women-first dating app Bumble, in collaboration with Agents of Ishq, has created a modern-day dating manifesto that aims to spark conversations around dating.

The manifesto aims to build up conversations around dating on our own terms, time and pace as we embrace dating in 2022.

Dilbadar: A Dating Manifesto Minus The Bad Advice - Agents of Ishq

It tries to flip the old negative ideas and bad dating advice, and encourages Gen Z and millennials to take charge of their dating journeys. It especially urges women to break the norms and not be afraid of making the first move.

"Agents of Ishq is known for bringing forth conversations around relationships, sex, love, and desire that speak to the contemporary realities and experiences of young Indians. With this collaboration with Bumble, we want people to feel rooted in a calm sense of self when connecting or dating online, and to co-create powerful, meaningful conversations. This is a generation willing to move past the passé take on dating, to find connections online and redefine relationships for the vastly changed social landscape of today. Together, Agents of Ishq and Bumble are encouraging the change that's long due,” said Paromita Vohra, Creative Director, Agents of Ishq.

Samarpita Samaddar, India Communications Director, Bumble, said, "We are delighted to partner with Agents of Ishq on this dating manifesto that aims to flip outdated, antiquated dating norms, challenging gender stereotypes that we have been fed for too long. We want to encourage our community to be their authentic selves, and let their hearts set the pace to forge connections as they like–whether it’s a serious romantic relationship, a fun fling, platonic connections or just casual dating.”