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As the deadline to enter the race for the BuzzInContent Awards 2020, which honour excellence in Content Marketing, draws to a close, brands, agencies, content creators and content platforms sitting at the fence have another reason to quickly make an entry for the awards.

Organisers of the BuzzInContent Awards 2020 have announced a heavy cash discount for early bird entries along with other benefits.

“Considering the tough economic environment due to the pandemic, we are extending our helping hands to all the stakeholders by offering Rs 2,000 cash discount per entry,” said Akansha Srivastava, Director and Editor,

Besides, entering your path-breaking work for the BuzzInContent Awards 2020 isn't all about trying your luck just once.

Here is how you will get multiple returns on every award entry you make.

1. Every entry at BuzzInContent Awards 2020 will earn a COUPON that will be eligible for a 50% discount on the annual subscription. The one-time valid COUPONS will be sent to you through email after entering the awards.

So, when you are sending 10 entries, you will be eligible to buy 10 subscriptions at half of the cost for your team, helping them remain up-to-date with all the insights into the world of content marketing.

2. Every entry will also be eligible to be featured in the Case Studies section of, which is the most popular free-read section of the platform. Please be assured that our editorial team will do so only after a go-ahead from you.

We had earlier mentioned the Top seven reasons to participate in BuzzInContent awards, and it is time to ENTER NOW with these three more reasons.

Go for it before you miss the deadline of October 31, 2020.