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Content marketing and branded content news platform BuzzInContent has partnered with content marketing agency Sheeko to launch ‘Buzz Analysis’ and ‘Brandscore’ to showcase the most engaging content on social media every day.

Brandscore, by Sheeko, is a leaderboard of brands eyeing for consumer engagement with their social media content campaigns. The tool tracks over 5,000 brands on Instagram, analysing over 15 billion data points for associations with influencers, celebs and other content creators and pages. It is powered by four independent algorithms that detect associations and ranks them.

The brands ranked highest by all four algorithms are ranked highest on the leaderboard. They incorporate various parameters such as total reach, engagement, quality of influencers, other brand associations of the influencers, frequency of associations, type of association, et al. The leaderboard has different sections for tracking campaigns: daily, weekly, brand-category specific and my-list (pre-selected brands that a user would like to track).

‘Buzz Analysis’ is an analysis of the leading campaigns on the Brandscore leaderboard in the form of news story which will have deeper insights into the brand’s campaign.

Every day, BuzzInContent will bring one piece on one of the leading brand campaigns, which will analyse unique activities and performances of the brand to help marketers understand what kind of content works best for a certain category or brand.

The ‘Buzz Analysis’ will be rich on information about the leading brand campaign that includes history of a brand’s initiatives in the last one year, estimated spend, the reason why a certain influencer is working well for the brand, the performance of the campaign in comparison to the competitor’s campaign, uniqueness, efficacy, etc.

Sheeko Brandscore, ranking the campaigns of the week, is live on BuzzInContent through a live ticker across the website and a dedicated section.

Rachit Juneja

Commenting on the association, Rachit Juneja, Co-founder and CEO, Sheeko, said, “There is a clear shift towards consumption of content from the consumer side. Brands are aware of this shift and doing 10x more campaigns and engaging with content creators in unique ways. As a marketer, it is imperative that one stays on the top of what is happening in the industry today. Our technology and tools get you data and insights about your consumers and your competition to make more informed decisions while creating marketing strategies. This partnership will enable the marketing fraternity to be on top of everything that is happening around their brands.”

Niraj Sharma

Niraj Sharma, Editor-in-Chief and Co-founder, BuzzInContent, commented, “The partnership will offer more value to our paid subscribers in addition to the insightful news articles on content marketing. With brands struggling for the consumers’ attention and trying to be on the top of the game through various content initiatives, there is a natural curiosity around the campaigns that are doing well. Our offerings under the partnership will help our readers keep a tap on how brands are performing on social media.”