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Byju’s has associated with News18 Network and Times of India to launch content-led initiatives ‘Young Genius’ and #Keep Learning, respectively.

The centrepiece of News18 Network’s campaign will be a weekly episodic show that will air across 18 different channels of the network beginning in January and ending in March 2021. Each episode will feature child prodigies scouted and selected by the news network’s editorial team from across different fields such as academics, performing arts, technology, and sports. Young Genius kickstarted on Children’s Day with a ‘Call for entry’ promotional campaign.


The ‘Young Genius’ campaign has begun across all channels of News18 Network, digital properties and History TV18 and as it grows in momentum, will reach out to different stakeholders across the country.

The campaign #KeepLearning is intended to empower students, parents and educators with information and the best practices of online learning. With a key focus towards offering innovative, engaging and informative content for young students, the campaign platform will offer guidance via discussions and one-on-one chats for parents and educators.

#KeepLearning will delve into various topics pertaining to education, curated by stalwarts from the education sector, including Anubha Doshi, Founder-Director, Artsphere and Soulsphere, Arunabh Singh, Director, Nehru World School, Dr. Navin Sakhuja, MD Ophthalmology, Dr. Sameer Malhotra, Director and Head, Max Super Specialty Hospital and Ramya Rajendiran, Co-Founder, Springdays School and Fountainhead Leaders among others. Some of the key topics include New Education Policy, curriculum during Covid and beyond, Blackboard to a Digital Screen, Screen Time — how much is too much, and many more.

#KeepLearning is a holistic one-stop platform solving all the e-learning pain-points faced by teachers, parents and students in today’s time.

The platform includes:   

  • Content on Online Education:Almost all topics related to online learning are covered through a variety of articles, listicles and videos on the website.
  • Discussion with Subject Matter Experts:There will be a series of webinars and panel discussions with subject matter experts on various topics throughout the two months duration of the initiative.
  • One-on-One Connect with Experts:Registered users will be able to connect one on one with key experts from multiple domains like the education system, lifestyle coaching, child psychology, ophthalmology, career counselling etc., to answer their questions/queries.
  • Discussion Forums:Registered users will be able to participate in discussion forums on various topics and get perspective of top experts and other participants.

The campaign is also engaging with prominent celebrities and experts. The list includes known influencers such as Rajiv Makhani, Anaita Shroff, Katerina Folkman, Momcom India and many others.

Sanjeev Bhargava

Speaking about the #KeepLearning campaign and platform, Sanjeev Bhargava, Director, Brand, TOI, said, “The pandemic has brought about several drastic changes in the way we live our lives. One of the sectors that have seen sizeable change is the education sector, which has swiftly transitioned and adopted a digital approach. As a media platform, we have consistently been drivers of effective change in society, building and supporting movements; with this legacy, we bring an endeavour to empower parents and educators while providing them with the best guidance and knowledge in association with Byju’s. Bridging the gap between the knowledge of how to leverage the various digital learning tools that have been developed for us, #KeepLearning will help children, parents and educators alike.”

Sudha Natrajan

Sudha Natrajan, Director, Response, TOI shared a similar take on the initiative. She said, “Covid-19’s prevailing impact has forced people to live life indoors. The education sector has moved from blackboards to digital screens, affecting the life of the students and forcing them to adapt to the digital way of learning. With TOI’s and Byju’s #KeepLearning initiative, we aim to edify the parents and educators about how they can adapt to these changes and also help students adapt to the changing times for a better future. By using different approaches and digital tools, we intend to create a bridge between the parents and teachers to drive them towards a better future for the students.”

Mrinal Mohit

Mrinal Mohit, Chief Operating Officer, Byju’s, said, “Learning and education are an important part of our lives. With the advancement of technologies and the availability of several tools, it is necessary to expand the scope of learning at every stage and educate ourselves on how we can harness the presented opportunity. With the #KeepLearning campaign, in association with TOI, Byju’s hopes to enlighten students, parents and educators about the ‘how-to’ of e-learning and bring about a change in the education sector.”

 Parents and children can visit the campaign microsite for a deep-dive into the world of e-learning.

Mayank Jain

Talking about ‘Young Genius’ series, Mayank Jain, CEO, Hindi news cluster, Network18, said, “We believe it is important to celebrate child prodigies who have through their gift, grit and determination attained mastery of their field at a very young age. Their stories will inspire children all over to follow their passion, work hard, and ultimately strive for excellence and creativity in their chosen field.”

“We want to be a platform that showcases prodigious talent in this country using the might of our television news network reaching 50cr+ viewers. We aim to institute ‘Young Genius’ as a multi-year platform that serves to inspire creativity, innovation and excellence in our future generation,” Jain said.

Atit Mehta

“At Byju’s, we have always believed that every child is unique in their own way, talented in their own space and should be encouraged and inspired to learn at their own pace and style. And Byju’s Young Genius aims to be a national platform that showcases spirited youngsters who have excelled in fields of their choosing, in turn inspiring children across India to pursue their passion and strive for excellence. This endeavour is in line with the underlying essence of Byju’s vision — to encourage, motivate and spur children to keep learning and keep improving. This collaboration is poised to recognise some brilliant young talents of India, encourage many more to start their own journeys and is one more step in the right direction for Byju’s to create holistic learning and growth experiences for children,” said Atit Mehta, VP Marketing, Byju’s.