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CapitalVia has announced the first Spotify Podcast series titled ‘Panchratna of the Indian Stock Market’.

The channel aims to motivate and handhold young investors to lean towards investing and will engage with millennials and Gen Z, while narrating the story of the top five Big Bulls of the stock market in India.

The podcast was released on Monday, July 05, 2021.

The podcast is based on the ancient theme, a set of five gemstones that hold significant value in the Hindu methodology. The series consists of five episodes representing renowned names of the Indian stock market as five gemstones.

The first episode is based on 'Ratnaraj' representing Rakesh Jhunjunwala.

The podcast is streaming on Spotify and will soon be available on JioSaavn, Google Podcast, Anchor FM and Apple Podcast. It aims to bring users an innovative, interactive and immersive social audio experience.

Prem Prakash, CEO of CapitalVia Global Research, said, “Covid-19 increased the popularity of podcasts, and the trend is continuing rapidly. The purpose is to educate young investors on the stock market. Podcasts are a great way to consume information on the go and stay connected to what’s happening around the globe. Ultimately, we aim to enrich the user experience in various usage scenarios through podcast innovation."

CapitalVia as an investment advisor is committed to indulging in investor awareness programmes, building an enhanced ecosystem to educate the young investors by developing exclusive informative content. The podcast will explore a wide range of podcast topics from the multiple perspectives of different interest groups and ultimately bring an extensive and varied range of learning to our audience.