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Castrol, the BP group company, and the music production division of Schbang have launched an anthem for the bikers, by the bikers. Titled the ‘The Ultimate Biker’s Anthem’ it features singer Benny Dayal.

Castrol has created the anthem, produced by Adith Anande of Schbang 808, and sung by Benny Dayal.

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Castrol had launched their top-of-the-line engine oil range ‘Castrol Power1 Ultimate’ to establish this segment faster and stronger.

In 2021, Castrol, along with Schbang, had collaborated with Tiger Shroff and created an action-packed film that brings out the product benefits of 5-in-1 full synthetic formula. 

Produced by Schbang Motion Pictures, the commercial was built on the premise of Tiger Shroff and Castrol Power1 Ultimate being the top players in their respective games and drew parallels between the performance between human and machine.

Now, Castrol and Schbang 808, the company's music production division, have created an anthem for the bikers, by the bikers. It resonates with the emotions of biking and establishes the emotional connect by using the sounds of biking that hold a place in every biker's heart.

The campaign was kicked off with a UGC competition, Tiger Shroff and other influencers like JS Films, Bayya Sunny Yadav and Deepak Gupta sending in their entries and encouraging their fans to participate in the Ultimate biking anthem. Through this footage was collected of biking sounds like revving, tires screeching, keys jangling etc. 

The sounds of biking collected from the UGC were taken and used to create a soul stirring anthem for the bikers across the country

Jaya Jamrani, VP Marketing, Castrol India, said, “Castrol has consistently delivered innovative products and campaigns, aimed at offering superior biking performance and experiences to motorcyclists. The Castrol Power1 Ultimate Bikers’ anthem is a tribute to the adventurous spirit of bikers and celebrates the freedom that bikers revel in.”

“Every rider knows the sound of their bike and they hold it close to their heart. On the other hand, music has always been a part of all their journeys. We wanted to create something unique that brings together the sound of biking and music for riders. This amalgamated into The Ultimate Biking Anthem - a user generated bikers’ anthem, composed in partnership with the riders of the country. An anthem that will strengthen the bond between the community of riders and Castrol Power1 Ultimate,” said Abhishek Malik, Group Solutions Manager, Schbang. 

Adith Anande, Lead Composer, Schbang 808, commented, “’Main Banjara’ was an attempt to make an anthem that not only conveyed the spirit of Castrol Power1 Ultimate both lyrically and sonically but also to make a song that a rider could relate to and listen along with their regular playlists. Instead of taking the typical rock approach we decided to present this new vision of Castrol Power1 Ultimate with a more modern sound which is equally slick and energetic but at the same time very Indian at its core.”