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Centuary Mattresses has launched the second edition of its popular campaign –Sleeptime Stories. The first edition was launched during the Covid-19 lockdown, to engage with its audience and help them relax and sleep better during the challenging time. Now, marking the occasion of World Sleep Day, the brand has launched Sleeptime Stories with the influencer and founder of Story Arts India, Deepa Kiran.

Over the span of eight weeks, Kiran will narrate one folktale each week. Some of these include The King discovers the archer, The Chikoo Tree that wouldn't grow, Becoming the most powerful and Secret behind the clean feet. With the multi-generational appeal of these classic tales, Centuary Mattresses will be able to reach a large section of audiences and encourage them to have a positive and relaxing sleep with the stories that transport them to a simpler time.

Uttam Malani, Executive Director, Centuary Mattress, said, “We are happy to have launched the second edition/wave of Sleeptime Stories on the occasion of World Sleep Day. Along with Deepa Kiran, who is a storytelling expert, we will be reaching thousands of people and regaling them with the stories that they have grown up with, giving them the perfect end to their day. The simple stories will be loved by kids, parents and grandparents, and it will be the perfect time for the entire family to come together before going to bed. We are looking forward to the responses that this campaign receives and to see how it helps people sleep better and wake up fresh.”

While narrating the stories, Kiran will also remind listeners to experience the power of sleep, and site the benefits of a great mattress – offering a word of mouth for Centuary. Along with brand plug-in, the story videos will also feature different mattresses, highlighting their visual appeal.