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Century Plyboards has launched #LetsNotForgetAlzheimers, under its annual IP – CenturyHeroes, in association with Sociowash, a creative digital agency.

Together, CenturyPly and Sociowash developed concepts that would create curiosity, raise awareness, and leave a lasting impression around Alzheimers.

The campaign went live on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and the website. A print ad was also placed in the classified section of The Times of India.

Towards the end, all the messaging was tied back to a specially curated microsite: To interact, engage and inspire the audience, a gamification route was adopted on the website.

The campaign was started with three simple questions, followed by a brand film released to spread the message through multiple digital avenues.

The campaign celebrated three types of heroes: one who is fighting the daily battle, the second who is the support system throughout and the third who puts in extra effort for others.

As per the brand, 8.9 million+ people learned more about Alzheimer's through this campaign. This microsite featured a ‘connecting the dots’ game with an end message that read “for some connecting the dots can take countless hours”, which along with making it interactive, also delivered a strong message to make people stop and think. 

Post-campaign launch, a series of creatives were taken live, which showcased how the simplest of tasks is a daily battle for someone suffering from Alzheimer’s. Giving people a taste of what Alzheimer’s feels like via impacting copies and creatively using different channels such as print, remarketing ads, YouTube bumpers, etc. helped this campaign achieve what it was aimed for, i.e., awareness.

Apart from this, the campaign got 20k+ visits on the website where visitors averagely spent over 10 minutes learning about the cause. For remarketing, an interesting YouTube bumper ad was aired.

Raghav Bagai, Co-Founder of Sociowash, said, “We devised the strategy focusing on CenturyPly's target group. With this campaign, the main aim was to get the message across straight and clear. From fixating on the campaign tonality to channel selection and finally cracking the copies, each and everything was done to leave a long-lasting impression that not only spreads awareness but provokes thought.”

“CenturyPly has always progressed every year, and now this is one of their biggest campaigns. Through this campaign, they wanted to bring awareness amongst people which has gone unnoticed about Alzheimer's affecting senior citizens. The campaign has touched 8.9 million who learned about Alzheimer's. Many identified the message while taking necessary steps to be mindful of the cause,” Raghav added