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Goodtimes has launched Season 2 of the 'Challenge the Chef’ mini-cookery series with Blue Tribe, the food tech company, as presenting sponsors. The series will feature Anahita Dhondy.

The cookery show is in the form of a fun and interactive weekly webisode, where Goodtime’s digital audience will pick a dish or an ingredient of their choice through a poll. Using the Blue Tribe products, Chef Anahita will accept the challenge to cook dishes

Goodtimes will release an episode each on every Friday at 10 am. The first episode went live on September 17, 2021.

The chef will create dishes out of plant-based products from Blue Tribe, ranging from Chicken Keema to Sausages, to Chicken Nuggets made entirely from environment friendly, plant-based ingredients.

Sandeep Singh, Co-Founder, Blue Tribe Foods, said, “Three months to go for 2022; It’s that time of the year when you start thinking about making new resolutions. So here we are with a product that swears by saving the planet while tasting uncompromisingly delicious. Blue Tribe is the food of the future where we have created meats that are completely plant-based and environment friendly. So you get to satisfy your non-veg cravings thanks to the flavour and texture, while consuming completely safe and 100% vegetarian ingredients.  We are very excited to partner with a platform like Goodtimes to create content that reaches foodies like us far and wide. Watch out for five unique recipes made using Blue Tribe Foods in this flavourful series and we are sure the audiences will love to cook them in their own kitchens too!”

Arati Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Goodtimes, said, “We are back with another season of Good Food. It's the best time to indulge in some hatke cooking with all the festivities right around the corner, and this show will help you do just that! We partnered with Blue Tribe Foods and Chef Anahita Dhondy to bring you this super delicious series where cooking will be easy, flavourful and garnished with a lot of fun. A challenge-based cookery series where our wide foodie audiences will get the chance to pick what they want the chef to cook with. With the age of digital media, anything is possible and we love to throw in engaging content for our loving audience, so get ready to put on your aprons and cook along.”