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Founded in 2016 from Mumbai and Delhi, Chtrbox, the influencer marketing company, was welcomed as Influence+United’s exclusive member for India.  Announced this week by US influencer marketing company Izea Worldwide, Influence+United is bringing together the foremost companies from the influencer marketing industry around the world.

Collectively, the alliance offers brands and marketers an exposure to over three billion global citizens and geographical expertise for over 90% of multi-continent brand organisations. The other member to be announced as part of the alliance so far has been Buzzoole, Europe’s largest influencer marketing company.

For the world’s leading brands, the Influence+United alliance seeks to remove the stress of globalisation and to streamline the entire influencer-marketing journey — from proposal to results. The alliance will serve as the easiest way to execute a unified influencer marketing campaign with trusted leaders who are localised in presence, but global in scope, while creating more opportunities for influencers around India and the world. 

Ted Murphy

“India has a population of 600 million, socially native young adults – and they’re set to change the advertising world,” said Ted Murphy, Izea Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Companies both new and old have recognised that their brand is no longer what they tell their consumers. Instead, it is what consumers tell each other it can be through influencer marketing. Nowhere is this more demonstrable than in India through the leadership of Chtrbox driving the Creator Economy to new heights. Having access to this rapidly growing, innovative country is central to Influence + United’s mission.” 

Pranay Swarup

“Increasingly, brands are looking at India for their next wave of growth. Nailing a solid influencer strategy is key in today’s digital world, and we’re glad to be a part of this alliance to ensure that storytelling happens seamlessly across borders,” said Pranay Swarup, CEO and Founder of Chtrbox.

Julie Kriegshaber

Julie Kriegshaber, Chtrbox’s COO, said, “India has among the highest social media consumption in the world, and an amazing creator ecosystem. We are excited to showcase and offer this to the world through Influence + United.”

Influence+United plans to formally welcome additional partners from around the world in subsequent announcements and offer expertise for over 90% of multi-continent brand organisations.

More information can be found on the alliance’s website: