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Chtrbox, the influencer marketing company, has announced the launch of Boombox to cater to the growing demand for social media influencers. Boombox is an open discovery tool aimed to make the marketer’s job of shortlisting relevant celebrities and influencers easier, smarter and ROI-driven.

Pranay Swarup

Commenting on the launch, Pranay Swarup, Co-Founder and CEO, Chtrbox, said, “Our objective in launching Boombox as a platform and end-to-end service is to empower marketers with strategic, data-powered, consolidated talent options when selecting celebs and top influencers for brand campaigns, events and endorsements. Today, when brands select talent, we’ve noticed that choices are decided largely on simple intuition such as do I know and like this person? Do they represent the values my brand wants to represent? We are bringing data to this critical decision-making process, to ensure that when you invest and book India’s top talent for any purpose, you’re maximising your ROI on social media.”

Boombox enables brands and their agencies with easy access to search, filter and shortlists influencers for their marketing initiative. Influencer powered content is disrupting the way brands created content traditional ads with talent; it's now a lot more cost-effective and impactful for talent to showcase authentically how they're engaging with the brand's product or idea if it resonates with who they are. 

Roshan Abbas, MD of Geometry Encompass, who is also an early investor in Chtrbox, said, “Today more than ever, we’re offering brands digital extensions to their physical events and experiences. Chtrbox serves a great partner and platform through which agencies can now empower their brands with a new way to analyse and collaborate with all categories of celebs and influencers.”

"What makes Boombox awesome for planners is that it's amplified by macro, micro and nano influencer power packs, customised as per target categories and audience demographics, hand-picked from Chtrbox’s 3,50,000+ influencer base, giving strength to deliver influential people-powered marketing and content for brands,” added Rohit Raj, Co-Founder at the Glitch and Chtrbox.