Chtrbox launches #Chtr4Good to bring together brands and influencers to create awareness and raise funds linked to NGOs

By coming on board for initiative, the brands may get increased brand value and resonance, higher consumer engagement and participation

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Chtrbox, an influencer marketing company, has launched #Chtr4Good to bring together brands and influencers to create awareness or raise funds linked to a credible NGO.

#Chtr4Good was created with the goal to help non-profits and social cause campaigns reach more people, drive community engagement, and achieve necessary outreach metrics. Chtrbox believes that CSR isn’t just a necessary mandate, but an opportunity to tell great stories through influencers to further inspire positive actions from their audiences. Influencers are well suited to talk about causes, CSR activities, and the affiliated NGOs in their own unique human ways, resulting in a culture of being more socially-minded.

The secondary benefits a brand can see by associating its content to a cause include increased brand value and resonance, higher engagement and participation. Consumers increasingly care about who they spend with, and being a conscious brand not only helps your communities but also your brand. Influencers too welcome these types of opportunities because they get to speak passionately about something they care about, which creates positivity for their followers.

Commenting on the launch, Chtrbox Founder and CEO, Pranay Swarup, said, “Social media has immense power to create positive change. Today more than ever, we see a need to connect influencers with causes that matter. Over the past four years, we’re glad to have also taken up social campaigns to create awareness for CSR arms, non-profits and fundraising efforts, and have seen the impact of influencers activating effective awareness and donations. As we have adapted the popular quote at Chtrbox — With great influence, comes great responsibility.”

Chtrbox will help plan brand strategy, which could include any of the following as relevant —announcing your CSR initiatives, donations and encouraging others to do the same, tying your CSR spends to engagement on posts, doing social media challenges, or having influencers participate with the NGO you’ve donated to and show the impact perspective.

In conclusion, Swarup added, “Chtr4Good is an initiative close to us all as a team — I started my career in the not-for-profit space (NASSCOM Foundation and AIESEC). We believe that both brands and influencers today shape the view of our world, and we can use more guided opportunities to take positive action. By connecting the dots between social causes and influencers, we can and want to do something really impactful.”


Chtrbox launches #Chtr4Good