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As an extension of the marquee campaign #BerokZindagi, Cipla has partnered with the digital entertainment company Pocket Aces, to create multiple sketches for the platform's short-form content channel - FilterCopy.

Through the sketches Cipla aims to propagate its largest public and patient awareness campaign - dispelling asthma myths, improving inhaler acceptance, and inspiring asthmatics to live a Berok Zindagi (unstoppable life).

This partnership marks the pharmaceutical company’s entry into alternative content formats, that use relatable storytelling to convey and subtly reinforce an important message.

The first video, 'A Monsoon Romance: When Opposites Attract', premiered on FilterCopy's YouTube channel:

Each video will tell a heartwarming 'Slice-of-life' story scripted by the creative team at FilterCopy in collaboration with Cipla.

The first premiere is a love story set against the backdrop of the romanticised Mumbai monsoons. It sheds light on the fact that monsoons can be triggers for asthmatics. However, through subtle character integrations, the film emphasises that with proper doctor-prescribed treatment, even those with asthma can enjoy the rainy season to the fullest.

All films will be cross-amplified through FilterCopy’s social media channels, reaching out to the ‘Digital GECs’ 22+ million audiences and will be available in six languages – Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada.

Achin Gupta, CEO - One India Business, Cipla, said, “With India contributing almost 42% of global asthma deaths despite accounting for only 13% of the cases worldwide, Asthma continues to be a high burden disease in India affecting both adults and children.  Misconceptions about asthma and inhalers contribute to the imbalance in its prevalence and outcomes, but correcting these can significantly improve patients' lives. Over the years Cipla has pushed the boundaries with #BerokZindagi, employing a multitude of creative mediums to help combat misinformation, stigmas, and myths about asthma as well as inhalers and connect with today’s audiences.

Aditi Shrivastava, Co-Founder and CEO, Pocket Aces, said, "The Cipla partnership is very special especially since it aligns perfectly with our renewed mission of positive content at Pocket Aces. Storytelling can have a profound impact on dispelling misconceptions, as the Cipla team has already proved with innovative initiatives on their #BerokZindagi campaign. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at Cipla to design content pieces that will address different communities and distinct use cases that will reach a massive audience. Via this campaign, we are looking forward to leveraging our channel FilterCopy to educate, break myths, and empower our audiences to live #BerokZindagi.”