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ETMarkets has launched ETMarkets Crypto Corner, which is presented by CoinSwitch Kuber. ETMarkets Crypto Corner will chronicle each little detail on the journey of crypto, bring about awareness around it along with guiding readers on the regulatory compliance and norms that might be on the anvil.

Cryptocurrency now stakes claim as a mainstream asset class, presenting an opportunity to invest and make money. While government policy and regulation around it is still work-in-progress, guidelines and policies around it are being discussed and formulated. What once started as a small internet project, today has found wide adoption from institutional investors, Fortune 500 companies and slowly capturing the interest of retail investors too.

The rise in ownership and rapid development of market infrastructure is helping cryptocurrency emerge as a mature asset class, despite its inherent price volatility. Asset managers, meanwhile, are dedicating efforts to discovering new options like ETF to make the asset class more accessible to a wider audience.

"Crypto has been gaining massive momentum and the demand for it is only getting stronger in India, and globally. However, there is a shortage of relevant and verified information on this asset class. Therefore, as India's largest crypto investment platform, we thought it would be a good start to get the right message across. Being India's go-to destination for news and views on financial markets, ETMarkets' extensive reportage on the crypto market will help new and seasoned investors make an informed choice,” said Ashish Singhal, CEO, CoinSwitch Kuber.

“At ETMarkets, we believe in serving our readers with the best possible vantage point to understand and invest in an asset. Be it the ripe old ones, or the new emerging asset class. We have a meticulous approach to our reporting that is married with a clear line of thought on ‘what’s in it for me’ analysis for each investment opportunity,” said Sanjeev Kumar, business head at The Economic Times Digital.

With ETMarkets Crypto Corner, The Economic Times Digital will go multi-format to ensure the readers’ crypto journey is an immersive experience. Readers will not just read, but also watch and listen to all-things-crypto at this new corner. The coverage of cryptocurrency is multi-dimensional, leaning on data, text and audio-visual formats for a wholesome experience.

The team of reporters from, and experts from CoinSwitch Kuber among others, will endeavour to break down the jargons and bring simplicity to a subject that is notorious for its complexities, taking care to alert readers on every regulatory or legal change that may affect their wealth and bringing the best global minds from the field of finnovation to keep readers up to date on changes that may shake or stir the crypto world.