Content-Creator-Commerce strategy gives D2C brands an edge over others to build customer loyalty: Priyanka Gill

In an interaction with, Priyanka Gill, Co-Founder, The Good Glamm Group and Founder and CEO, POPxo and Plixxo, spoke about the company's recent performance and the expansion plans for the days ahead

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Priyanka Gill

Brands that have been integrated for over 3 to 6 months with The Good Glamm Group have grown between 200% to 300%, as per the group’s Co-Founder Priyanka Gill. spoke to Gill, who is also the CEO of POPxo and Plixxo, about the company’s vision for its brands. 

The group has acquired 11 companies in the past year and raised $250 million. The company also announced its international division with plans to expand to the Middle East and Southeast Asia with an international revenue target of $150 million for the Group’s brands over the next three years.

As per Gill, The Good Glamm Group has earmarked a Rs 100 crore investment for international expansion. She further mentioned that their current focus is IPO. “Over the next three months, various brands of the Group will launch in international markets with top retailers - both online and offline - ensuring the right focus is given to each brand globally. The next big thing for us is our IPO - we are getting geared up for it,” said Gill. 

She said that they are maximising revenue potential for all beauty and personal care brands in the group.

As per Gill, the year has been fantastic for Good Glamm Group, and the focus has been on DTC (Direct-to-consumer) brands.

Talking about the growth of the DTC brands, Gill said, “St. Botanica launched its first-ever TVC with brand ambassador Kareena Kapoor. Manish Malhotra Beauty by MyGlamm also launched its first TVC this year. Sonam Kapoor joined us as the brand ambassador of The Moms Co which was unveiled with their first ever TVC as well. Post the acquisitions of the DTC companies, brands that have been integrated for 6 months have grown 300% while brands that have been integrated for 3 months have grown 200%.” 

Gill also said that with so many D2C brands trying to make it in the market today, the competition is cut-throat. Speaking about strategies for generating income, she added that while influencer marketing and digital media are great tools for visibility and attracting people, they don’t always translate into revenue.

“With so many choices, products, and services in the market, the consumer also likes to keep trying new things, new brands—making customer retention a challenge. It’s not easy to build customer loyalty with newer brands. Scaling and growing a D2C business requires experts at the helm. This is where we have an edge with our Content-Creator-Commerce strategy that allows us to own both content creation and distribution for digital media and influencers giving our brands immense visibility and making it easier to build strong brands with customer loyalty,” she said. 

As per Gill, the marketing tactics for DTC brands have changed a lot in the past few years. Social media was the sole mode of marketing for D2C brands, but gradually they’re moving towards an omnichannel approach—especially the relatively bigger D2C brands that have a wide range of offerings.

“Personalisation with the help of technology has been another game-changer; the overall customer experience is designed based on analytical insights which lead to a high level of personalisation. There’s also a noticeable shift in marketing from Tier-1 to Tier-2 and Tier-3 towns,” said Gill. 

Good Glam Group’s content plan

Earlier this year, the group formed the Good Creator Co - a creator ecosystem. It brings together leading influencer management, marketing, data and analytics companies like Plixxo, MissMalini, Winkl and Vidooly.

Their vision is to create a full-stack, global creator ecosystem providing cutting-edge technology and solutions to influencers and brands. The Good Creator Co raised Rs 200 crore seed capital from the Good Glamm Group and functions with an independent mandate.

GCC will also be investing in and acquiring fast-growing influencer companies and technology solutions.

Speaking about the group’s creative strategy, Gill stated, “Our creative strategy is to marry trending content formats with what our users like. We are constantly trying to adapt to what is working on Instagram or YouTube or other short video apps, based on what our data shows us. The idea is to share information in the most fun, engaging ways. That has worked really well for us in the past.”

“At present, the Good Media Co. produces 150 videos and generates 200 million video views per month and is looking at increasing the output to 300 videos per month with the aim to generate 500 million views per month across the group. The strategic move to increase video content output will increase the reach of the Good Media Co by 150%,” she added. 

Gill stated that experts expect a 20% rise in the content-to-commerce market in Asia over the next few years. She also said with markets entering the metaverse, digital content is likely to take over the world. “We are excited to be at the forefront of this revolution.”

“The fact that we have a solid, structured strategy to drive content and commerce

puts us a cut above the rest. Our company philosophy stands on three pillars—a dedicated media vertical (Good Media Co), a network of creators (Good Creator Co), and a portfolio of brands (Good Brands Co) that deliver experiences and not just products/services. This in-house trinity of a combination allows each of our brands to deliver meaningful experiences that resonate with a wide variety of audiences,” concluded Gill. 

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