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A content creator cannot judge the quality of his/her content, it is the audience alone who can do it, according to Shlok Srivastava, known for his social media channel Tech Burner, which has content around technology.

He said, “In my early days, I used to try to make high-quality videos. But now I have realised that I cannot decide the quality of our videos, but the audience. So many times, we think we are creating videos with amazing aesthetics, but the videos that really perform are made on a selfie camera and end up becoming viral.”

Seconding Tech Burner’s thoughts, digital comedy content creator RJ Abhinav added, “Just begin content creation with whatever is available to you. Don’t wait for iPhone or brand deals that will help you purchase iPhones and then create outstanding content. I too started my content creation journey with an average VGA phone.” 

Social media content creator Amulya Rattan believes that there is no replacement for hard work and positivity. She shared, “Just give your best in every content piece you want to create. The results will follow. Just believe in yourself. Don’t let negativity surround you. There is no substitute for hard work.” 

Tech Burner, RJ Abhinav and Rattan were speaking at the Delhi edition of Meta Creator Day on November 6, 2022. They went on the stage to share their life’s journey and what has worked in their favour enabling their transformation to social media celebrities. 

Abhinav agreed with Rattan’s point of view and commented, “I believe that hard work can overcome talent. But if someone has a combination of both then nothing like it.”

Shlok, a.k.a Tech Burner, believes that no content creator is big or small and they should not gauge his/her value through the number of followers. “Every content creator has his/her own journey. They must believe they are creating something valuable even if they have 10 or 10 million followers.” 

He further said that content creators must always aim at providing value to his/her followers’ life when creating content. “I never achieve fulfillment if I create content only for myself. Each video of mine aims at providing value to the audience,” said Shlok. 

According to him, it’s really important to entertain people while educating them through videos. Along with that, it’s highly important to connect with the audience at an emotional level. 

He explained, “Emotions in India are very strong in comparison to the rest of the world. If you are connecting with the audience through emotions, there is no bigger element than that. Titles, thumbnails, meta data, camera angles are all secondary. Most of the high-performing content on social media is about weddings, childbirths, love relationships and social constructs.” 

Abhinav concluded, “Everyone’s story is different and they will have to write it themselves. So many times, we relate to other people's life stories which help us in our journey.”