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Infotainment content creator Vijay Nihalchandani believes that it is important for a content creator to avoid relying solely on brands for monetisation as their stability can’t be guaranteed in the long run. Instead, creators should prioritise building their own products-range.

During an episode of Spotlight by BuzzInContent, Nihalchandani shed light on the nitty-gritty of monetising content, collaborations between brands and creators, and more. 

he said that it is important to avoid relying solely on brands for monetisation, as their stability can't be guaranteed. Instead, content creators should prioritise building their own products. Take MrBeast, for example, the biggest YouTube channel globally. He focuses on personal branding and has created his own products, like MrBeast burgers, to achieve successful monetisation.

"A creator-brand collaboration is a win-win situation as brands gain exposure. By leveraging social media one can connect with the audience and build authenticity and credibility. The trust from the audience and the brand allows both the parties to reach a wider audience," Nihalchandani said.

Additionally, collaborating with brands provides creative opportunities for the creators to showcase the products in innovative ways, expanding the possibilities for brand promotion, he added.

"When we create videos, we prioritise a few key factors. Firstly, we assess the brand's ability to solve a significant problem for its target audience. This is the first aspect I consider before entering into any collaboration. I firmly believe that long-term success as a content creator hinges on authenticity," Nihalchandani stated.

"If I endorse something, my audience will lose trust in me. Therefore, the first thing I look for is whether the brand addresses a substantial problem. Secondly, when creating content for the brand, I ensure that I present the solution in an engaging manner that resonates with my audience," he added.

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