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Neha Kulwal

Singles day, 11.11, or so-called World Shopping Day, has been increasingly engaging Indian shoppers with a maelstrom of discounts in recent years. In 2021, the number of Indian orders from Chinese marketplaces jumped by 33% during November 11-13. According to calculations made by Admitad, an IT solutions provider specialising in Performance Marketing, content creators significantly contributed to that growth, increasing their revenues in the process. 

Traditionally, content creators — bloggers, themed social media groups, and content websites — multiply their revenues every year during this sale. Influencers and authors usually combine several approaches: direct ad contracts with brands, selling their products and playing a partner (publisher) role, introducing their audiences to products for rewards from online merchants.

In 2021, according to Admitad, content creators grew their partnership earnings by 89%, participating in 11.11 promotions all over the world. In India, this sale is still growing in popularity; nevertheless, local partners managed to increase their revenue by 86% during the sale compared to an ordinary period of the same length. The number of orders, generated for Indian brands and local branches of foreign brands by content partners, skyrocketed by 129% as well.

Online blogs and content websites were the top earners on Singles Day in 2021. They earned up to 60% of joint content partners’ income and about 17% of partners’ Singles day income in general (among all categories of partners, including cashback services, coupon websites, etc.). 

Facebook group owners and influencers took second place on the income ladder with a share of 12.5%. They were closely followed by themed channels and groups in messengers at 12.2% and YouTubers at 10.9%. 

This year, it is expected to probably remain the same, although the significance of messengers and influencers continues to grow, so they are expected to increase their share of joint profits of content partners. Local Indian trends are mostly aligned with the global trend of content websites and YouTubers earning the most during 11.11. Facebook is significantly less popular among local audiences, so there is a high probability that in 2022 messengers will again play a more significant role in local sales than platform by Meta.  

According to Admitad’s worldwide data, the most profitable categories of goods and services for influencers and authors during Singles day appeared to be mobile and IT services, fashion, electronics, online education, and financial services, in that order. 

It is also essential to consider the impact of COVID on last year's sales. It is very likely that the electronics, fashion, and beauty industries, which have traditionally led content creators’ sales and earnings in the past, will again significantly overtake the online services industry this year. Content creators should take this shift in the priorities of their audience into account to plan their actions accordingly and maximise profits. 

Indian bloggers and editors should also pay attention to the interests of the local community. In India, the top-performing products last year included goods from Chinese marketplaces and mobile games. These fields, most likely, will continue to be in high demand during Singles day 2022 as well. 

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