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Need I say more to convince you that you should start content-based marketing right now? If you want to make an impact on your customers, your content must have meaning to it. The days of sharing the features and benefits of your products and services are long gone. Today's consumer wants information they can use, reasons why you are better than the other brand, what makes you different and better than all the rest. And they want it right now! They want you to tell them stories, give them content that makes a difference, content that entertains and inspires them to take action. They also want content of value, that isn't dated in a time frame and so should you and your marketing team. Storytelling is the key to immortal content.

Content is providing something of real value to your customers, making personal connections and building relationships that will benefit your business. It could be a newsletter article, a blog post, or just a photo or video you share on your social media. It could be a testimonial from a happy customer or a review of trending topic. And the material should be valuable and interesting to your reader. Why? Because you want them to see you as the expert, the first place they go to for advice and important information.

Content is actually the real reason, which makes your marketing "immortal" or forever interesting. Storytelling is creating a new normal in marketing. It's important to share and offer your customers something more than just the sales pitch. It is the content that will help you make a real connection and engage your target audience and keep them coming back for more and more. It's very important to realise that you can’t create great content some of the time. You have to all the time. Marketers must keep producing fresh material, promote and distribute it, and engage with fellow readers. As mentioned above, you can even re-purpose already posted content, share it in different ways and discuss topics with readers who comment on it. This makes the old message fresh and new, is immortal.

I strongly believe content-based marketing is immortal, never-ending. This is due to our presence on digital media, our 24/7 mindsets, our need to know more and experience more. This includes marketing our brands and services all the time. Look everywhere and to everyone for inspiration and new ways to talk about an old topic. Create an entertaining environment so that creativity is rewarded. Trial and error can come into play with your new normal of content marketing philosophy. This is how new ideas can turn into success stories, how something that seems far-fetched can be tomorrow's next big thing, how new customers are drawn in and return for more and more of what you have to offer.

It's an exciting time for marketers. This new philosophy is like a wild frontier waiting for us to explore all it has to offer. There really are no rules or limitations to the who, what, where, why and how we can get our messages across to our customers. It's up to us to be dynamic, adapt and offer a clear message that continues to wow and create interest. We want our marketing to be immortal and only content can get you there.

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