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Content marketing, SEO and paid media agency Neil Patel Digital India has announced its launch in India this month. The agency is headquartered in Bengaluru for its India operations.

Neil Patel Digital in India will provide businesses with the ability to evaluate their business needs, understand the pain points of a target audience, and curate niche and industry-specific digital marketing solutions driven by thorough analysis.

Pradeep Kumaar, CEO of Neil Patel Digital India, said, “Neil Patel has a large number of followers in India, and many of the Indian digital marketing experts consider Neil Patel as their guru. We wanted to ensure that the digital marketing sphere in India follows the latest global trends so that businesses, especially startups and small businesses, can leverage their ROI by adapting to these trends.”

Neil Patel, who is the Co-Founder of Neil Patel Digital, is also one of the top influencers on the web. His blog attracts millions of visitors every month, and a huge percentage of this traffic is organic.

"With Neil Patel Digital India, our prime focus is to bring in an ROI-driven engagement model for Indian brands. The traditional gap between the marketing and sales team is shrinking, thanks to the powerful tools such as AI-powered conversational chat-bots and automation platforms built over CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, etc. Conversions are the new norm and marketing teams can no longer stick to traditional reach metrics,” said Senthil Kumar Hariram, VP of Neil Patel Digital India.

He added, “NPD India is going to directly bridge this changing dynamic by empowering the marketing departments to become ‘sales ready’. Bringing in a global-ready funnel setup and organic traction powered by content marketing, we will be the answer to the problems faced by marketing departments for the brands in India. This is coming from none other than the team powered by top internet marketing Guru Neil Patel."

Talking about the growth plan, Kumaar said, “Considering the immense potential of the digital marketing arena in India, we are well-equipped to service up to 150 companies in India by 2021.”