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Dice Media, the long format storytelling platform of Pocket Aces, has come up with its first all-male lead web-series, ‘Brochara’. Breaking away from the stereotype, the show explores ambitions and vulnerabilities and delves deeper into what relationships mean to men. The show is releasing today, December 5, 2019, and will air every five days on Dice Media’s Facebook and YouTube channels. 

One would also get to Dewar’s Scotch from the house of Bacardi being subtly integrated into the storyline of the web series.

This five-episode series has a cast starring Dhruv Sehgal of ‘Little Things’ fame, Amey Wagh who is widely known for his Marathi movie ‘Muramba’, Varun Tewari who has worked in several Dice Media shows in the past and Sayandeep Sengupta who played the affable Amit Sharma in ‘The Office’ remake.

Set in Mumbai, ‘Brochara’ revolves around four ordinary men in a rather extraordinary situation — they are all into long-distance relationships. The show explores the nuances of male-bonding and friendship that helps each character tide through their every-day troubles and fears, in a light-hearted way. Each episode will tackle issues such as not getting due recognition at work, coming across an ex-girlfriend, long-distance relationships, and much more.

Sharing their thoughts behind the series, Aditi Shrivastava Co-Founder of Pocket Aces, said, “Until now, Pocket Aces has majorly focused on women-centric storylines with ‘Adulting’ and ‘Home Sweet Office’, but with ‘Brochara’, we are entering the domain of male friendships and its dynamics. Our endeavour has always been to continually evolve our content and give something fresh and relatable to our entire millennial audience. With Brochara, we are hoping to get the same love and reception that our previous shows have received so far.” 

Watch the trailer HERE