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Inbound marketing and growth agency ContentNinja has announced that it has renewed its content marketing mandate for Aviva Life Insurance, India.

Beginning from Q4 2021, ContentNinja has been tasked with reinforcing Aviva India's content portfolio across a variety of platforms and mediums, by driving comprehensive content strategies, creating infographics, videos, and blog posts, and amplifying its social media presence.

ContentNinja, a part of Blue Vector Consulting, works at the intersection of finance, deep technologies (AI, crypto, web3.0, metaverse) and marketing automation. It is also a HubSpot Platinum Partner and as per it, it has a track record of delivering content and marketing solutions for several brands in India and the US.

By working in tandem with Aviva India's marketing team, ContentNinja will execute high-value content strategies through social media posts, videos, ads, and campaigns, along with blogs, authored articles, guest posts, and more. It will also adapt to the brand’s voice, values, and audience, to shape its entire digital communication portfolio and strengthen its larger identity in the market.

In addition, it will establish its presence and role digitally, using platforms like Quora to enhance reach and awareness.

Shriya Garg, Co-Founder and CEO, Content Ninja, said, “The fact that I am a Chartered Accountant and that we already work with a lot of other FinTech clients was a big pro in our column. Our experience in the domain will further enable us to bridge any gaps in communication activities, enhance visibility and drive traffic for Aviva across its various portals. We hope to grow their organic traffic significantly and help acquire more marketing qualified leads and improve top-of-the-mind recall for the brand, while establishing them as a thought leader in the industry through our targeted content strategies.”