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Cosmofeed has launched unified operating system for creator monetisation.

Cosmofeed said the system will help approximately 80 million creators in the country monetise their content across social media platforms.

Cosmofeed further stated that the newly launched community dashboard acts as a centralised hub, providing creators, freelancers, solopreneurs, and micro-entrepreneurs with integrated communication channels to streamline their digital businesses and maximize their earnings.

Vivek Yadav, Co-Founder, Cosmofeed, said, "Our mission goes beyond individual features; it's about revolutionizing how creators manage and thrive in their digital spaces. Through this transformative community dashboard, we are laying the groundwork for a groundbreaking Creators' Operating System—a unified platform empowering creators to wield tools, derive insights, and make impactful decisions.“

“The community dashboard supports creators in streamlining utilities, managing content, and using analytics to make informed decisions that boost earnings. It eliminates the need for creators to juggle between multiple tools for insights, audience communication, and community management, avoiding broken experiences”, said the statement.

“The first platform integrated in this dashboard is going to be Telegram. With this integration, creators can fully automate their subscription management to manage active and inactive subscribers and enhance the channel's efficiency. The platform will communicate with members before their active subscription expires thus not only eliminating manual intervention but also reducing churn and increasing retention rates”, the platform added.

“The added advantage to this integration are the comprehensive and analytical insights that creators get at their fingertips. The Cosmofeed platform provides unparalleled understanding of community dynamics through in-depth insights into landing page performance, conversion rates, subscriber demographics, and device usage trends. A tailored Telegram Dashboard will help creators manage their channels, get insights and access a range of powerful features. Features of the dashboard include: transaction tracking, discount coupon management and customizable settings.” added Cosmofeed.

As per industry reports, a mere 0.18 % of creators in India are able to or have tools to monetize their products and services at present to just INR 16000 a month.

Cosmofeed said with its community dashboard and tech tools, now more creators will be able to monetize their content efficiently.

Cosmofeed said, “It plans to further expand upon this dashboard, integrating other prominent community platforms. The goal is to establish this as the world's first global product to provide creators and independent professionals with such a comprehensive toolkit. This next evolution signifies not just an innovation, but a step towards empowering creators to excel seamlessly. Cosmofeed’s unparalleled understanding of community dynamics provides creators with vital information leading to higher conversion rates, subscriber demographics, and device usage trends and more.”