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Social community platform for women, coto has announced the launch of its Publisher Partner Program that aims to reshape the traditional content ecosystem of creation, distribution, and monetisation for publishers.

Through the program, publishers can finally turn their current challenges of discovery, monetisation and value-added services, into advantages of preferred partnerships, community engagement, and multi-monetisation models.

Competing in an era of free content, most publishers walk a tightrope in expanding their network, enhancing revenue generation models, attracting the attention of the right audience, and at the same time own the brand-audience relationship.

The Publisher Partner Program will help coto seed the right mix of content, genres and users on the platform that resonate with the brand’s ethos.

Aparna Acharekar, Co-Founder, coto, said, “coto’s Publisher Partner Program, endeavours to create a responsible social platform where authentic, verified information is available from credible experts. As we transition to the new era of the internet, there is a clear need and potential to create an ecosystem that helps the audience to navigate through the vast amount of content online, and at the same time, capture growth opportunities that disrupt the sector. By adopting a community-driven approach, the program incentivises engagement, thus, creating an ever-evolving diverse model of monetisation. It will offer members, brands, publishers and creators a truly universal experience of accessing content.”

Sunil Kumaran, COO, Big FM, said, "Big FM stays committed to engaging its diverse audience with purpose-driven campaigns that entertain and inform with exceptional content, delivered in an impactful manner. Our thoughts align with coto, a women-only social community platform serving as a channel of change with content by women, for women. We are glad to associate with coto and are coming up with an exhaustive content line-up by our RJs covering multiple topics and industries. This convergence will create a new horizon of infotainment, exclusively on this trailblazing platform - coto.”

Binoy Joseph, Founder and CEO, Spooler, shared, “The internet has become the primary source of content and, therefore, has created a need for different revenue generation models for creators and publishers. coto’s Publisher Partner program is built on the principles of participation ownership and micropreneurship for all women. Its monetisation opportunities such as social, live and service commerce, advertising revenue and merchandising gives creators and publishers a perfect platform to begin the monetisation journey. We look forward to growing our audience with a very distinct and discerning women audience base.”

Those interested can log on to to apply for the ‘coto’ Community Creator Program.