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After the takeover of Twitter, Elon Musk is trying to position the micro-blogging platform as very creator-friendly. In a recent tweet, Musk said that not just video content, but content creators will also be able to monetise through textual content. 

Historically, Twitter has not been a creator-friendly platform. It’s a micro-blogging site and will have to almost reinvent itself to become one. If it’s able to do that, it would be another social media giant adding to the growth of the creator economy, along with giving stiff competition to other big tech giants who are grappling for creators’ attention. 

The platform generated revenue from mostly advertising. But given the focus of his competitors on the creator economy, Musk, who himself markets his recent buy Twitter almost every day, hinted that the micro-blogging platform might be re-introducing Vine. 

Twitter bought Vine in 2012. It was an app that helped users to make short videos of 6-seconds and could have been played in a loop with other videos. It didn’t work out for Twitter and had to be shut down in 2016.

Not just this, but to lure content creators onto the platform, Musk, in one of his recent Tweets said that Twitter will beat YouTube when it comes to sharing revenues with creators. Currently, creators are paid a 55% cut of the ads on YouTube. 

Not yet launched in India, Twitter rolled out a subscription feature ‘Super Follows’ in February 2021. It is a paid monthly subscription that offers ‘access to bonus content, exclusive previews, and perks as a way to connect with people on Twitter. According to the grapevine, the platform is also working on rebranding Super Follows. 

In another tweet, Musk announced that the platform has added an all-time high of 1.6 million daily active users in the past week.