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Bergamont Bikes, the sister brand of Scott Sports India in collaboration with artist Marc Billimoria released an art documentary called ‘The Das Bunte Project’.

Das Bunte in German means ‘the colourful project’.

Das Bunte Project is the first-ever art documentary by a cycling brand in India, claims the brand.

The documentary depicts the combination of art and culture, showcasing how the two intertwine.

A passionate cyclist who's also an artist creates artwork not on canvas but on four different bikes from Bergamont. 

At the start of the documentary, the artist elaborates on his decision to use Bergamont Bikes as his canvas, providing an explanation for his choice. Hailing from Saint Pauli, Germany, BERGAMONT is a brand that stands for local cultures and traditions. He treats these bicycles as his canvas as he believes the art on bicycles is an ignored medium of expression. The colours and visuals of the four bikes, GRANDURANCE(Gravel), SWEEP(Urban), REVOX(MTB), and HELIX(Hybrid) represent the vibrant cultures. All the hand-drawn bikes carry a signature pattern representing Mumbai and Saint Pauli.

The documentary further projects that every bike chosen has a story behind its origin and appearance. To create art means to open interpretation, and there are various stories and interpretations around each bicycle. The source of inspiration is derived from various elements. One of them is the popular decorative geometry patterns found on every door in India, such as the Rangoli design and traditional mandala. Additionally, the colourful celebration of the festival of Holi has also influenced the design with its vibrant splashes of colors.

The abstract stroke artwork, which serves as an additional inspiration, is produced entirely using fingers. This technique captures the distinct qualities of human hands working together to create a harmonious fusion of colours in a seamless manner.

Moreover, the artist seeks to showcase the fusion of Hamburg and India by incorporating elements from both cultures. This is exemplified through the depiction of the night sky of Hamburg and India on the Bergamont bike decals, further emphasizing the integration of art and cycling.

Jaymin Shah, MD, Scott Sports India, said, “One of the most everlasting images of a Bergamont Bike for me personally has been the burst of colours on the fork of Grandurance and Sweep. That medley of colours has been the inspiration behind the ‘Das Bunte Projekt’. Each of these bikes is a limited edition, and the bikes will eventually be used for a good cause. We will be donating the proceeds from the sale of these bikes for a local charity project that supports sports at a grass route level”.

Artist Marc Billimoria said, “Bicycles as a medium for the expression of art has been traditionally ignored. It does not necessarily perform beautifully but can also look beautiful. It was an amazing experience creating such masterpieces in collaboration with Bergamont as I had the creative liberty and was allowed to put my expression of art onto their canvas. Looking forward to the world seeing these artworks through the documentary.”