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There is a saying that ‘Sharing and giving are the ways of God’. On the occasion of Bijoya Dashmi, Dabur Honey announced a new CSR initiative to support the livelihood of honey collectors in the Sundarbans, who have witnessed their livelihood being impacted due to multiple cyclones and massive floods in the region over the past few months. Christened ‘Sweetness of Giving Back’, the initiative aims to support the families of these honey collectors during these trying times.

To pay tribute to the Honey Collectors of Sundarbans, Dabur Honey unveiled a digital film that seeks to promote the hard work put in by this community. Capturing the festive spirit through the happy faces celebrating Durga Puja with relishing mouth-watering Sandesh made from the fruit of their own labour, i.e. Dabur Honey.

The film:

The film is conceptualised and produced by Ice Media Lab, a Content Shop that specialises in content-first brand films.

Debojit Saha, Creative Head, Ice Media Lab, said, “The sight of the flood-hit village and the state of the villagers caught us numb when we reached there. During our previous assignment, we worked, ate and chatted with these people and the feeling hit even more. Once Dabur decided to give back to the honey collectors of Sunderbans, we decided to chip in with them. When we took the relief material, there including clothes, food and sweets, their joy had no bounds. We captured their reaction shots upon receiving the aid without them noticing the camera is on. It feels good to make a small impact on the community especially at the onset of Durga Puja.”

“The Honey Collectors of Sundarbans are the backbone of the Honey Industry in India. The floods, which came on the back of the devastating second wave of Covid, severely impacted livelihoods in the Sundarbans region, destroying crops and even leading to scarcity of drinking water across villages. As part of our mission to support the families of honey collectors, Dabur will provide dry ration and other daily essentials for the next year, to 23 families identified in this region involved in the profession of honey collection. This is not only in line with our mission of being ‘Dedicated to the Health and Well-Being of every Household’, but also to spread festive smiles during this period of Durga Puja,” said Kunal Sharma, Category Head, Health Supplements, Dabur India.