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DaMENSCH’s new campaign #MadeForAdults urges men to grow up and embrace their grown-up selves.  

Through the digital film, DaMENSCH is asking men to grow out of the cartoony, less-than-functional innerwear and choose effortless comfort and quality instead.

#MadeForAdults is a multi-dimensional campaign that celebrates adulting, and all the glorious things that come with it. Growing up from funny boxers is one part of that journey. And this story is told through ‘adult’ content-vertising, featuring a collection of clowns caught in hilarious situations because of the boxers they chose to wear.

The campaign video starts with a light-hearted scene of a clown wearing barely functional banana-printed innerwear as pants which is good for nothing. The other clown is just about to confess his love when suddenly his pajama slips, revealing his embarrassing heart-printed boxers. A hearty laugh awaits as a cute dog chases a third clown wearing bone-printed innerwear in the next scene. The video ends with accrediting the work to bizarre characters like ‘unimpressed waiter’ and ‘moneyless patron’ to playful frame names like ‘Afternoon Delight-ish’, “Bus Stop to Kolkata”.

Anurag Saboo, Co-Founder of DaMENSCH, said, “Once you wear a DaMENSCH, it’s not easy to go back…this is what our customers swear by and tell us. We thought a good story that can grab the attention of grown-up men and remind them to allow their innerwear to also grow up would be fun and quirky. The #MadeForAdults campaign intends to wake men up to choose premium, innerwear that’s crafted with innovation and delivers superior comfort and functionality. With of course, grown up designs.”

The DaMENSCH digital ad relies solely on visuals and sound to convey its message. The absence of dialogue creates an experience that transcends language barriers, allowing viewers from diverse backgrounds to connect with the brand's narrative.