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ITC Ltd’s Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Vanilla Fills has collaborated with artist, Rapper Brodha V, to establish a deeper connect with a new age rap song- ‘Grow Up Grow Up- The Vanilla Fills Anthem’.

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Vanilla Fills’ rap song asks older teens and young adults to break free from juvenile habits and be open to new experiences like the Dark Fantasy Vanilla Fills.

The quirky lyrics communicate the message of “Grow up” to the new vanilla fills in a relatable approach with a catchy and upbeat music.

The video song has been launched on Sunfeast Dark Fantasy’s social media handles like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Dark Fantasy Vanilla Fills is also launching a mega contest on social media platforms like Moj and Instagram and in colleges where consumers can participate in a ‘dance hook step challenge’ and get an opportunity to win a special gift hamper from Dark Fantasy Vanilla Fills.

Ali Harris Shere, Chief Operating Officer, Biscuits and Cakes Cluster, Foods Division, ITC, said, “We are thrilled to be launching a Rap song for our new Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Vanilla Fills campaign with rapper Brodha V, and we're convinced that our younger audience will appreciate it. Vanilla Fills was launched with a purpose to upgrade the regular crème biscuit category with a superior centre filled experience. The cookie is filled with rich molten vanilla crème inside a dark crunchy choco shell, raising the bar on traditional crème biscuits. Dark Fantasy Vanilla Fills is a manifestation of our continued efforts to provide exciting new experiences to the new age consumers. With the launch of the rap song, we aim to dial up the appeal for Dark Fantasy Vanilla Fills- The new Age crème biscuits for grown-ups among its consumers.”

Rapper Brodha V said, "I enjoy doing projects like this because it's relatable, and endearing. The song is about growing out of childhood habits and likes, and into more mature tastes. Creatively, I've tried to bring out the fun part of growing up and kept it light hearted."

The rap song will be launched across social media platforms to build awareness on this exciting offering and bring the brand closer to its consumers.