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With air pollution at a global tipping point, Dettol SiTi Shield launched an education and awareness initiative, ‘Ab Hogi Har Saans Swachh’ with the top radio channels in Delhi.

Dettol SiTi Shield ran a two-hour roadblock on popular radio channels: Radio Mirchi, Fever, Radio One and Big FM during prime listening hours, 8 am to 10 am. RJs Naved, Syd and Addy, Chris and Khurafati Nitin informed listeners about the perils of ignoring the importance of monitoring the quality of air all of us breathe with engaging content.

Initiative, a part of IPG Mediabrands, launched the campaign on February 19 across media platforms.

The campaign aimed to liberate people from the often invisible, yet extremely harmful air pollution. This was the first time ever when four RJs collaborated and interacted on such a pressing issue.

The two hours of Dettol SiTi Shield roadblock caught listeners’ attention by busting common myths related to pollution and providing an immediate preventive measure, such as wearing N95 mask.

The campaign highlighted that old practices of covering the face with handkerchief or dupatta (veil) are not effective ways of saving oneself from the harmful effects of pollution. The RJs inspired listeners to adopt effective and smart solutions. The RJs also interacted with each other and shared real time AQI (Air Quality Index) levels from the Dettol SiTi Shield pollution monitors placed at their respective stations.

Speaking on the campaign, the RB spokesperson, said, “Air pollution is at its peak and its harmful effects have been impacting people across the country. We realised it is time that citizens should be given a strong and hard-hitting message to reinforce the threats of air pollution. ‘Ab Hogi Har Saans Swachh’ aims to empower everyone with clean air. Radio is a powerful medium and hence we collaborated with top four radio stations in Delhi to deliver the critical message of prevention against air pollution.”

The Dettol’s SiTi Shield Protect+ Smart Mask with a three-layer filtration method processes 98% filtration of pollution particles PM 2.5 and 99% of bacteria in the air one breathes.