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Dewar’s by Bacardi India in collaboration with Pocket Aces’ food and lifestyle channel, Gobble, on Monday announced Season 2 of the web series ‘You Got Chef’d!’ commencing November 5, 2019.

The show’s second season will be hosted by celebrated chef Ranveer Brar along with Greg Benson, Brand Ambassador, Dewar’s India, featuring names like Nakuul Mehta, Barkha Singh, Shweta Tripathi, Arjun Kanungo and Ayush Mehra.

The show shot in an alfresco setting sees a gourmet expert adding their spin on home-style versions of popular comfort food dishes created by celebrities, complemented with specially curated whisky cocktails to go with the occasion. This season celebrates comfort home-style food (with a gourmet twist) for quirky, millennial occasions such as pool parties, brunches or even terrace jam sessions.

The celebrities will face a fun ‘double challenge’ preparing a home-style version of a dish alongside chef Brar’s gourmet version, while celebrated mixologist and highball lover Benson gets them to play crazy whisky games and bar tricks. Benson will also play around with Scotch and other ingredients to curate some creative whisky highballs to go with Ranveer’s dishes.

Commenting on season 2 of the show, Brar said, “Having been a chef for several years now, I’ve noticed that cooks have consistently focused on food as a singular element. Today, however, audiences are demanding the bigger package, beyond the dish for a more wholesome experience. ‘You Got Chef’d!’ is a unique format curated specially for these millennial audiences who want to experiment with their favourite foods without comprising on taste. Cooking gourmet food can be made extremely easy and is also super-adaptable to any occasion, something we want food audiences to try and enjoy. And, of course, it isn’t every day that a Scotch expert like Greg curates cocktails for my dishes. Together, Greg and I aim to elevate the ‘dinner & drinks’ concept a notch higher for a better, improved experience, that we’re confident viewers can replicate.

Benson added, “At Dewar’s, we believe in experimenting and challenging ourselves, constantly seeking how we can create better experiences for our consumers. Similarly, with ‘You Got Chef’d!’ we want audiences to get creative and curious about the unlimited food experiences out there. Working with gourmet food we feel is a step in this direction, a food-style that is gaining immense traction, even in the cocktail world. We’ve got some amazing gourmet food and double-aged Scotch pairings ready for the show, something we’re confident our viewers can execute themselves as well. Season 1 got a wonderful response and with an expert like Ranveer and our guest line-up, Season 2 is bound to be even better.”