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Expert investing platform dezerv has come up with its first campaign #youdezervbetter, which highlights the perils of investing based on hearsay and the risk of concentration in one’s portfolio.

The campaign highlights that while celebrity endorsements sell and everyone is willing to buy in, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to investment and, therefore, the people need experts who understand their financial needs and risk appetite to customise the portfolios of each client according to specific needs.

Conceptualised by dezerv. and Light@27, a creative agency founded by stand-up comic and actor Gursimran Khamba, the campaign comprises of two films.

The films are shot in a mockumentary format, with the protagonists sharing their experiences and learnings with the audience. 

The first film showcases a mother and son cricket manic duo enjoying a match together when the protagonist (the son) decides to invest in a mutual fund inspired by the words of his favourite cricketer ad libbing "Mutual funds sahi hai”.

The investment purely based on the ad and his superficial online research turn out to be a disaster. In his hour of need, he's unable to cash in on the funds as they've been frozen. 

 The second film is a hilarious take on investing, following the story of an extremely cautious protagonist who only invests in traditional financial instruments like fixed deposits. He is lured into investing in cryptocurrencies by his colleague who boasts about making a lot of money in a short amount of time.

From dreaming about his dream house to losing all his life savings and working at a construction site, the film takes a comically dramatic turn. 

Both films highlight the importance of consulting an expert before making investment decisions. Within 24 hours of release, both films have reached an audience of over 1 million across platforms.

Sandeep Jethwani, Co-Founder, dezerv. said, “In India, there is a belief that wealth management is for the wealthy or HNIs. This is because most working professionals do not have access to differentiated wealth solutions. Through our #youdezervbetter campaign, we want them to know that through our expertise we can help them make informed investment decisions”.

“To ensure our members the highest quality offerings, dezerv so far has been invite-only. We currently manage Rs 300 crores for thousands of our members,'' said Jethwani.