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Dhara has launched its new "Khaane Pe Kehna" campaign in Jammu and Kashmir. Rooted in the belief that good food and honest conversations can bring people together, the campaign aims to deepen Dhara's existing relationship with consumers, transcending mere product promotion.

Most Indian households shy away from uncomfortable conversations, creating a culture of awkward silences. The campaign navigates this challenge of addressing these silences without offending the sensibilities of the audience. The narrative unfolds through the story of a soon-to-be-married daughter and her father reminiscing about their lost mother. Initially hesitant, the father eventually opens up to his daughter about her mother, leading to a heartfelt and honest conversation between the two.

Through this campaign, Dhara aims to encourage open conversations about personal losses to keep the memories alive and make them an integral part of celebrations.

Manish Bandlish, Managing Director, Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable, said, “Over the years, Dhara’s Refined Vegetable Oil (Dhara Assure) has been bestowed with immense love and affection from our consumers across the Jammu and Kashmir region, making it our top-most market for the variant. To further strengthen our bond with the consumers here, we have introduced an exclusive version of our campaign which comprises of a heartwarming narrative, with localised elements. We hope that our consumers will shower the same amount of love and affection on our new campaign.”

Iraj Fraz, Creative Head, DDB Tribal, said, “Kashmir is a unique market for Dhara, where the wedding wazwaan ingredient lists feature the word ‘Dhara’, instead of ‘cooking oil’. The connection Kashmiris have with the brand is timeless and pure. So, in this fourth edition of the campaign #KhaanePeKehna, we wanted to tell a warm story of the Kashmiri father-daughter connection. This is a film worth watching on a big screen, or at least with earphones.”

Dhara campaign:

Agency Credits:

Brand: Dhara Edible Oils

Agency: DDB Tribal

Creative: Iraj Fraz Batla, Debasish Mondal, Ashwini Mishra, Babith Menon

Strategy: Surbhi Arora, Nupur Sharma

Business: Ashutosh Sawhney, Vineet Kindra, Chirag Chutani, Avishek Prasad