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DLF Malls has announced the launch of ‘Beyond The Brand’ - an interactive video web-series with Pushpa Bector, Executive Director, DLF Retail, as the host.

The teaser of the first season went live on Friday, March 3, with episodes all set to release fortnightly with a focus on curated Indian brands beginning March 10.

DLF Malls’ ‘Beyond The Brand’ is focused on bringing brand journeys, and the people behind them, to the forefront. With this, the concept will also engage with them on softer nuances about bumps on the road, behind the scenes, lesser-known facts and more.

Pushpa Bector, Executive Director, DLF Retail, said, “DLF Malls caters to an audience that has always supported our efforts and attempts to explore, adapt to, and adopt newer concepts as we push the envelope for creativity. Our customer-centric approach helps in being vanguards of innovation, enabling us to surpass previously set benchmarks and provide unique offerings to our patrons. With ‘DLF Malls Beyond The Brand’, we are delighted to give our patrons a sneak peek behind the curtains of what goes on in the world of retail, and also, a fresh take that enlightens you with fun insights on retail! The idea is to provide a glimpse of what goes into building a loved brand, along with a take on the fun side throughout this journey.”

The format of the series brings together elements of business and entertainment for the audiences that will be pre-recorded and streamed on DLF Malls’ digital platforms, primarily on their YouTube channel.

The core objective is to showcase thought-leadership vis-à-vis anecdotes and some learnings from the guest’s journey with the brand, reinforce brand affinity and forge a connection with industry peers and customers on the digital media.

The first season of the web series features names such as – Shantanu and Nikhil Mehra (Co-Founders, Shantnu & Nikhil); Laksheeta Govil (Founder and CEO, Fizzy Goblet); Raul Rai (Co-Founder, Nicobar), and Harsh Modi (Chief Executive Officer, Mulmul).

Shantanu and Nikhil Mehra said, “Beyond The Brand, like the name suggests is a great initiative which encourages an open conversation about the journey of creators and their brand, without any layers. It gives us the platform to candidly talk about our purpose, vision and intent directly with the audience, as if we are in a conversation with them.”

Raul Rai, Co-Founder, Nicobar, said, “My perception of the ‘best’ brands is that they express core values of the founding team. These values shape the consumer experience and in-house culture, and so knowing the motives and the backstory of the founding team is the best way to understand the brand. That’s what Pushpa did really well! The setup was candid and she deliberately spent time discussing my values and my perspectives — in that sense it really went - Beyond The Brand.”

Laksheeta Govil, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fizzy Goblet, said, “If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes an army to raise a brand! I’m thankful every day for my Fizzy Army and I hope that through this show you get a glimpse at what it takes to build our brand! It was a delight to interact with Pushpa Ma’am who with her insightful questions managed to extract so many memories and stories.”

Harsh Modi, Chief Executive Officer, Mulmul, said, “I am very thankful for this opportunity to be a part of “DLF Malls Beyond The Brand”. We as brand owners can learn so much from each other’s journey. Every business goes through a similar life cycle yet is unique in its own way, has a story to tell and lessons to learn. I wish through this initiative we are able to do both. Big thank you to Ms Bector!”