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DocsApp, a 24x7 online doctor consultation platform, has launched their latest campaign #ErasedPages to spread awareness about Alzheimer’s. 

Individuals can log on to where they can search and ask any question about their past that they wish to rediscover the answer to. DocsApp’s #ErasedPages is a much-needed initiative which will make Indians aware of an unfortunate disease Alzheimer’s and break the stigma surrounding it.  

People still find it difficult to discuss their problems, unaware of the consequences, they tend to ignore the symptoms. DocsApp provides a platform where patients and their loved ones can learn that identifying Alzheimer’s in the early stages can help in getting maximum benefits from available treatments.

Satish Kannan, Co-founder and CEO, DocsApp, said, “There is a significant awareness gap in India when it comes to Alzheimer’s and we need to overcome this gradually. Through our campaign #ErasedPages, we want to spread the word about this disastrous disease and break the stigma around it. With #ErasedPages we want everyone to understand what this disease is, how it affects you, and what kind of care you can give to your loved one.”

While there is still a long road ahead in fighting Alzheimer’s, this campaign is a step in the right direction, spreading awareness and breaking stigma around it.