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March 12, 2020, was a regular day for Netflix India and like always, it was engaging with its consumers on social media. The OTT player asked its followers to describe their mood using emojis, and Netflix would tell them what to watch on the platform.

In no time, the PepsiCo nachos brand Doritos replied, saying ‘Doritos, Netflix and a couch is mood we wish we had a #NachoEmoji to tweet’.

Riding on Netflix’s plan of consumer engagement, Doritos created its own little social media marketing engagement campaign, #NachoEmoji.

There are emojis for the burger, chocolate and drinks, but none for nachos and being a facilitator for binge-watching, Doritos fans started asking on social media that why isn’t there an emoji for nacho. 

The brand generated a lot of conversation on Twitter to the extent that it was trending on No. 5 on Twitter on the same day.

A Doritos fan, Yashwant Mundhra, started a petition on and asked people to join and help in persuading social media platforms to create an emoji for nachos. Till the filing of the story, close to 250 people had already signed the petition.

Here’s the petition page on

Doritos also brought on board Kenny Sebastian and Abish Mathew as influencers to post about the cause and facilitate the petition.

Their Twitter posts:

It’s a good tactic by the brand where you make the consumers feel like crusaders of change as they appeal for the creation of Unicode for nachos on social media.