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Dot Media, the creative martech start-up in the influencer management space, has announced the launch of FINTroop, its flagship influencer management platform.

The platform is co-founded and spearheaded by Shreya Jaiswal, a chartered accountant and content creator.

Dot Media with its newest IP FINTroop extends its creative outlets to the commercial world of Finance, Infotainment and News segments. 

FINTroop focuses on delivering the brand message in a creative manner. It aims to maintain the balance between the creator’s creative freedom and the value and principles of the brand in the financial ecosystem.  

Shubham Singhal of Dot Media said, “The traditional influencer management presently has limited players in the market. This monopoly restricts the customers’ growth potential and eventually gives control to agency owners. With the inception of FINTroop, we strive to build a sustainable ecosystem where the power is in customers’ hands. We envision FINTroop to come out as a collaborator for existing players rather than a competitor and bring in the balance that was required in the FIN creator ecosystem.”

As part of the founder’s responsibility, Jaiswal will play a key role in formulating the approach of finding the perfect balance between brands and creators. It will be her mainstay to maintain a collaborative spirit in the creators, enable and uplift them with the right set of resources and brand strategy.

Jaiswal said, “As an artist, an agency’s job is not just to get you brand deals, which is the only service that other players in the field provide. That is something a creator can do more or less on their own. However, an agency is needed to create the right placement for their creator, uplift them by providing brand insights and fellow creator insights, creating a premium market for them.” 

FINTroop looks forward to handling content creators and influencers through a holistic approach. It will emphasise on the execution of strategic brand presence in public events and other related activities to make creators a brand of their own.

Additionally, FINTroop will aim to play a significant role in promoting the collaborative spirit between creators across genres. It will be building creator-enabled brands in the long run through its creative solutions.