DS Group pays tribute to female farmers in new film

The campaign film is scripted by Grapes and brought to life by The Titus Upputuru Company

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Dharampal Satyapal Group (DS Group), a multi-business corporation and a leading FMCG conglomerate launched a new film honoring the invaluable contribution of the female farmers in India.

In continuation of the #SaluteTheFarmHER initiative launched on International Women’s Day, DS Group unveiled this video campaign to address the significant under-representation of female farmers.

The film sheds light on female farmers' exceptional work and experiences, acknowledging that 80% of rural women are actively engaged in agriculture.

The film opens with compelling visuals showcasing various farming activities. In a thought-provoking twist, while men work on the farms with equipment, the film ingeniously portrays the equipment seemingly operating on its own, subtly highlighting the absence of visible female farmers. As the narrative progresses, the film tactfully unveils hard-hitting statistics about female participation in Indian agriculture, gradually revealing the real female farmers stepping into the frames, reclaiming their deserved recognition.

Rajeev Jain, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Marketing, DS Group, said, “DS Group remains dedicated to championing initiatives that advocate the instrumental contributions of female farmers. As the nation celebrates the diligence and resilience of farmers on National Farmers Day, DS Group continues its commitment to raising awareness and fostering inclusivity within the agricultural sector. The #SaluteTheFarmHER initiative strives to showcase the diverse roles and expertise of women in farming, challenge stereotypes and portray an accurate representation of their vital role in the agricultural sector.”

The film was scripted by Grapes and brought to life by The Titus Upputuru Company, aiming to create a thought-provoking narrative that resonates with audiences worldwide.

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