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DSP Mutual Fund has launched an educational video featuring Dancing uncle – a professor from Bhopal who enthralled netizens with his dance moves.

This video is an entertaining and fast-paced take on the backstory of Dancing Uncle - a carefree guy who loved to dance at every opportunity but at some point, got bogged down by finances and questions related to investing- something that bothers every new and experienced investor. The video features a fun twist at the end, showing how Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds (DAAFs) helped him overcome his worries and embrace his true rockstar self.

DAAFs focus on preserving investor capital during market downturns while aiming to help investors benefit from rising markets too, adapting to changing market conditions by adjusting allocation to equities while also aiming to control portfolio volatility. This can help new and confused investors have a truly smooth investing experience.

The video idea was a collaboration between DSP Mutual Fund and creative video agency, Band-Stand Videos. Schbang Digital Solutions is the digital partner.


Aditi Kothari Desai, Director & Head – Sales and Marketing, DSP Mutual Fund, said, “Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds are a good way for young investors to start investing for the long term and can be an equally strong addition to portfolios of experienced investors. While they invest in both equity & debt, they also dynamically change the allocation between the two, to help people take advantage of changing market conditions- especially relevant in today’s times. Our educational campaign over the next few weeks aims to talk to viewers about DAAFs in a really fun, youthful, unusual and modern way and we hope that our efforts would move the needle positively for this product category.”

Abhik Sanyal, Head - Consumer Marketing, DSP Mutual Fund, said, “Our DAAF video attempts to blend a much-loved and relatable YouTube personality- Dancing Uncle with a truly relevant investing proposition- DAAFs. The bizarre mockumentary format allowed us to play with characters and a ‘is-it-really-true’ underdog story, with the beautiful city of Bhopal providing an amazing backdrop for the film to really come to life. Of course there are many more campaign elements that will all come together to present DAAFs in a really offbeat manner. I hope this film at least brings a smile to anyone who watches it, as they think of how they can #InvestForGood.”

Tuhin Srivastava, Co-Founder, Band-Stand Videos, said, “One of our most ambitious projects till date. The brand & educational integration in the film was the key. We are glad that it came out well. Kudos to the team at DSP for giving us a free hand on this.”