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Sleep solutions brand Duroflex recently hosted a digital live session with globally renowned holistic lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho on the occasion of Mental Health Awareness Month. The session was co-hosted by Smita Murarka, VP Marketing and E-Commerce, Duroflex and together they shared their expertise on the rich benefits of sleep and how it can improve physical and mental health.

Through this interactive and informative session, Duroflex encouraged people to use the power of sleep to boost immunity and stay healthy and protected during the pandemic.

The session shed light on the increased interest among people on improving health and immunity during this pandemic and how unfortunately sleep, which is the most natural way for our body to boost immunity, is often left out of this conversation. The experts agreed on how sleep is the best medicine, not just to prevent many lifestyle diseases but also to increase mental resilience and keep anxiety, stress and depression at bay. The team answered questions from audiences clarifying their doubts about sleep and health.

Commenting on the session, Smita Murarka, Vice-President, Marketing and E-commerce, Duroflex, said, “Duroflex has always been at the forefront of conversations around the rich health benefits of sleep.  Not many know that sleep is our body’s most natural way of boosting immunity. We are culturally conditioned to treat sleep as an optional lifestyle choice, when, in fact, it is a non-negotiable biological necessity. By hosting this educational and interactive session with Luke Coutinho, we were able to enlighten people about extracting maximum benefits from sleep through simple lifestyle changes.  We believe, once people make sleep a priority, they are mentally at their strongest and will live a healthier life.”

Luke Coutinho, said, “Sleep is the most powerful drug. Your growth, your repair, your hormonal balance, all of this is managed by sleep. If you are sleep deprived, nothing is ever going to work. Sleep is a natural mechanism in the human body that controls every cell, every function. It also creates a smooth relationship between one’s mind, and body.”

 Luke encouraged people to make the act of gifting this festive season more meaningful by gifting good sleep to your loved ones.

During the course of the session, Luke shared some tips on sleeping hygiene that can be imbibed by every individual easily.

  • Make a sleep routine and try to stick to it through the week.
  • Put your gadgets off one hour before you go to bed to avoid any sort of disruption.
  • Interact with family members or read a book before sleeping to lighten the stress
  • Quieten your mind, relax and meditate if needed to get good sleep.
  • Invest in a good-quality mattress so your body is well-supported through the night to increase your sleep quality.

The session: