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Enrich Salons has launched a video that takes the medium of poetry to take the viewer through the current lives of the customers, the salon staff and how they are now adapting to the new normal of resuming services but with complete precaution. The video not only showcases the new guidelines being followed and how they will make the salon safe to visit but also strikes a personal chord with the customer.


As a part of their ‘Me to We’ campaign, Enrich Salons has released a heart-warming video that talks about their responsibility of serving customers during the trying times of Covid-19. The salon industry is suffering a setback owing to the lockdown, but they are gearing up to serve the customers who are waiting for their favourite salon to open up.

The video explores the personal connection that a beautician makes with the customer, where they share jokes and anecdotes while taking care of their grooming needs. Enrich realises that it’s their responsibility to make customers feel beautiful, happy and maintain their self-confidence. Even though the customer and staff’s faces won’t be visible due to the face shield and masks, they will still maintain the personal connect through eye contact. In these trying times, Enrich promises to ensure the hygiene is maintained by providing customers with sanitiser bottles and enforcing other safety protocols.