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This Diwali, Equitas Small Finance Bank aimed to boost the powerful and empowering journey of its women customers with a heart-warming video tribute, which narrates their tale of hard work, grit and courage.

The bank played a key role in transforming the lives of many in this community by supporting them through their many microfinance offerings.

Equitas SFB is enabling and empowering women-led businesses through their offerings and aims to improve their lives in an economically beneficial manner.

This edition of “Circle of Life” Series features transformative stories of women who have brought about a positive change within themselves and empowers the budding entrepreneurs to believe in themselves.

This story of Poonam - a woman from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, who had to then relocate to Rajasthan, due to her irresponsible husband. She gathered the courage to leave the house in a very poor financial condition. Starting her journey with only 50 rupees in hand, she was keen to live a new life on her own abilities. Holding the hunger for a better life, she began exploring opportunities to earn and survive. Wandering to seek work, she stepped in a boutique and got a job to stitch buttons, but learnt a lot more in two years.

Gaining the experience, she started her business with designing and sewing her ideas to create a collection as per the market. While overcoming so many obstacles, she still smiles because of the platform that trusted in her.

By choosing to bank with Equitas, the people can not only earn higher interest, but also help make a difference in the lives of people. The ‘Circle of Life’ series drives home the point that money can be used as a force for good.

The web series is available on the social media platforms of Equitas Small Finance Bank.

A little courage is all it takes to define one’s resilience and ability.

The video follows the incredible journey of Poonam - when she realised that she had to run her life along with her kid on her own, she never lost hope. With just Rs 50 in hand, she moved to a new city- with an empty purse but a heart full of courage to start over. Step-by-step, she started stitching the gaps in her life to achieve her dream. From stitching buttons, she now owns a boutique. It indicates how a life leaves gaps in your dreams and how to stitch them up!

Equitas Small Finance Bank supported Poonam in her journey by providing financial aid and guiding her throughout this journey. 

With a single-minded focus on making banking simpler for all, the institution has been instrumental in generating livelihoods for many customers and the video of Poonam is one such in those series after the story of Kismat, Dhanlakshmi, Indra and Shanthi.




Vignesh Murali, Head- Marketing and Corporate Communications, Equitas SFB, said, “Our ‘Circle of Life’ series signifies a way of taking and giving back to society and showcases the lives of people like Poonam Karan who have gone through a transformative journey. Equitas have played a small part in taking them close to their dreams. The feeling when you realise you are somewhere a part of making millions smile, it is beyond words can explain. Circle of Life’ that features real-life transformation stories of bravery, sacrifice and compassion, the bank aims to reach a wider audience with the series to inspire and give hope to Indians in times of uncertainty.”

“With a single-minded focus on making banking simpler even for the unbanked and under banked, the institution has been transformative in generating livelihoods for innumerable customers. By choosing to bank with Equitas, you not only earn higher interest, but also help make a difference in the lives of people. The ‘Circle of Life’ series features such stories of transformation to drive home the point that money can be used as a force for good. The web series is available on the social media platforms of Equitas Small Finance Bank.”