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Facebook has launched a short film underscoring the power of connections, and its brand belief that people can do ‘More Together’ than alone. Striking an emotional chord with the people, the seven-minute short film conceptualised by Taproot Dentsu has already attracted millions of views with positive comments in 24 hours.

The film's plot is centred around the spirit of resilience of 28-year-old Pooja and how she helps sustain as many households as possible through the hardships of the pandemic via her dairy venture. The decision to hire more personnel, even when business is low, comes at a great personal cost. However, the way the plot unfolds, it showcases the limitless possibilities when people come together.

The film:

Avinash Pant, Director-Marketing, Facebook India, said, “The film is a homage to the insurmountable spirit of the people and the good they can enable by coming together. It draws inspiration from the stories of resilience and hardships people overcame by helping one another over the last few months. Through the film, our aim is to showcase the journey India has taken over the last several months to emerge stronger together.” ” 

Facebook collaborated with Amit Sharma, renowned ad filmmaker and director of the National Award-winning film Badhai Ho and Taproot Dentsu to help bring this story alive while capturing the essence of people coming together on the platform.  

Neeraj Kanitkar, Senior Creative Director, Taproot Dentsu, said, “For Diwali – the festival of prosperity, in the kind of year that is 2020, we wanted to tell a story that captured the very essence of what so many amongst us have been doing. Which is, they’ve been coming together and selflessly going the extra mile to be there for others. The film is both inspired by and is a tribute to all those who’ve harnessed the power of Facebook to amplify the good that’s within us all for the greater good. Affirming the Indian truism that prosperity too grows only when shared with others.

We knew we had something potentially special when people were tearing up during the script narrations. Amit Sharma, of course, took the script to a whole new level. Over the four days of the shoot in Amritsar, he sprinkled his magic dust on all aspects of the story. Adding delightful dimensions and textures to the story, the characters and the performances.”

The short film showcases the power of connections and people coming together to help, support and celebrate with each other.


Co-Founder, Taproot Dentsu and Creative Chairperson, Dentsu Aegis Network India: Agnello Dias

Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer: Santosh Padhi

Chief Executive Officer: Umesh Shrikhande

Executive Creative Director: Pallavi Chakravarti

General Manager: Ayesha Ghosh

Head of Strategic Planning: Shashank Lanjekar

Senior Creative Director: Neeraj Kanitkar

Associate Vice President: Radhika Sabherwal

Account Supervisor: Ana Iman

Account Director: Hemant Joshi

Production House: Chrome Pictures

Director: Amit Sharma

Producer: Daniel Amanna

Director of Photography: Tushar Kanti Ray

Production Designer : Vinay Narkar & Niyoti Upadhye

Art Director: Mohd Rahil

Costume Designer : Chinky Sughand (Dia)

Music Director: Sidhant Mago & Mayank Mehra (Mikelal)

Lyrics : Sidhant Mago

Editor: Shahnawaz Mosani