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fbb, India’s retail clothing brands, has come up with an initiative ‘World Shorts Day’ in which the brand urges people across the country to #DropThePants and wear shorts. This year, the World Shorts Day was celebrated on April 22, 2018, with a lot of hype.

With an overall reach of over 37 million, fbb engaged an audience of over four million through this campaign. This led to 30% more sales than World Shorts Day last year.

This year, fbb wanted to take the celebrations and the hype to a whole new level, bringing to its audience a bigger and better World Shorts Day. To do this, digital marketing agency, Social Kinnect launched a campaign that had the whole country participating with full energy.

While tying up with some of the biggest fashion influencers, the brand took a slightly different route. In order to create a mass appeal, fbb tied up with fashion icons around the country from Karan Wahi to Kenneth Sebastian, Nivedita Gowda and Chandan Shetty and went regional with the kind of content that was created with them. The noise this made created a ripple effect that spread through the country and saw participation from stores across the country in various different ways. From flash mobs to LED shorts and shorts flying in on drones, this World Shorts Day was definitely much bigger than last year.

But it didn’t end there. fbb wants to give its consumers the opportunity to do something different this summer. With three lucky shorts placed in different stores across the country, 3 lucky winners won a trip to Thailand simply by buying a pair of shorts that started at Rs 299.

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