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For a country that stands strong on the foundation of patriotism, to celebrate the unified spirit of the nation’s diversified culture, Future Group’s FBB has launched the campaign #WearYourPatriotism to celebrate the Republic Day.

The brand has launched a new range of tricolour-themed scarves. The campaign is co-conceptualised and executed by Nishtasha Digital Media Pvt Ltd (NDMPL).

The central idea of the campaign #WearYourPatriotism’ is to highlight the fact that in spite of being so different in terms of culture, tradition and lifestyle, India as a whole continues to be together and stand as a single unit as people take pride in their patriotism towards the country, and celebrate 70 years of the Indian Constitution.

The digitally enforced campaign involves influencers that will style the scarves on themselves. The brand has created a rap video and will have influencers take it forward, thereby creating their own versions of it on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

The rap video:

Since social media has become a platform where many voice their opinions and standpoints about their perspective on social and patriotic concerns, this campaign aims to reach out to those ‘woke’ faces and also encourage several others to flaunt their patriotism along with their sense of style and fashion.

The objective of this campaign is to reinstate the sense of patriotism that already revolves in the hearts of the people. For a country of many faces, many styles, many cultures and many expressions, there is no single way of expressing patriotism. The campaign will celebrate this diversity with a symbol as versatile as the Indians themselves — the tricolour inspired scarf.

Commenting on the campaign, Natasha Saraogi, Director, NDMPL, said, “It was challenging and exciting to work on a concept where both patriotism and fashion go hand-in-hand. The messaging of patriotism and style had to stand out pretty loud and clear. We are very delighted and humbled to be working on such unconventional concepts with brand FBB and narrating #WearYourPatriotism in a very unique way.”