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We keep seeing ‘flatten the curve’ messages all around us. But not many of us understand what it means. Or even if we do, we tend to forget or forgo its importance. To drive communication on flattening the curve, FCB Ulka came up with interesting graph representations that drive this important message.

The graphs by FCB Ulka show people staying at home so that they contribute to ‘flatten the curve’.

Most importantly, FCB Ulka found support in UNAIDS Geneva, which released the campaign as static posts on the big Easter weekend when people had plans to step out of their homes. When that was well appreciated, FCB made the static posts into a digital film with Fuel Content, which offers content creation solutions in an end-to-end format.

According to the data, reducing human-to-human contact by 75% can take the number of Covid-19 cases needing hospital care below the available hospital beds at any given time. Measures like staying at home are the best possible way to flatten the curve.

Swati Bhattacharya

Swati Bhattacharya, CCO, FCB Ulka, said, “I am really proud that UNAIDS took this piece of work and shared it all over Europe. Never has the world been more united than in our fight against Covid-19.”

Surjo Dutt

Surjo Dutt, NCD FCB Ulka Delhi, said, “Flattening the curve is the ‘One’ big thing common folk can do. Hence, we created communication that makes people enjoy, engage and evangelise this curve.”

Anusheela Saha

The creator of the campaign, Anusheela Saha, Group Creative Director, FCB Ulka, said, “The truth is that on social media, data or graphs are not compelling for most. So, we made it our task to present information in a way that becomes compelling to many.”

Mahesh Mahalingam, Director, Communications and Global Advocacy, UNAIDS, “Flatten the curve was an attempt to make an epidemiological concept understood in practical ways by the public. We wanted to make staying at home less stressful and more fun at a time when Covid-19 was spreading across the world. FCB Ulka helped us in bringing home the message of staying home in a witty yet factual fashion.”

The static campaign:




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The digital film: