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This Father’s Day, ForMen, a one-stop health & wellness portal for Men, has released a heartening video that brings out the unseen love of fathers. Fathers are mainly behind the scenes people- they don’t outright display their care and love to their kids. In the patriarchal society that we live in, it is considered weak for men to express their emotions. If they express their feelings, they are considered frail hearted. Women on the other hand can easily display their emotions. This is observed daily in the unit called family. The mother is at the forefront and hence it is easy to miss out on the contributions made by the fathers.

To thank and show gratitude to this unseen yet very much present, affectionate side of fathers, ForMen has launched this video. This video brings out the pattern that an Indian family follows, where fathers seem to be missing out on doing their part. But if looked closely, they are always there, on the sidelines, quietly but steadily supporting their kids, and standing by them. This film showcases all the facets of the emotions of fatherhood. The core message that the brand wants to bring out through this film is that it’s now time to applaud their efforts, to care for them. To care for men. Hence the hashtag #WeCareForMen has been picked for the video.

Dr. Lalitha Reddy, Founder, ForMen, said, “It is easy to miss out on noticing fathers' love. It is not vocal; it is not descriptive but it is there. Through this film, we wanted to thank fathers for being there, albeit quietly, for us. We wanted to share that it’s now time for us to care for them. The first step towards that is to notice and appreciate their silent efforts. So far, the video has received a great response. We hope this touches the heart of everyone and initiates a personal campaign in the heart of every viewer to start taking care of them.”

The film: