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Skincare brand Foxtale recently collaborated with entrepreneur and writer of ‘Do Epic Shit’ - Ankur Warikoo as a part of their Foxtale Tribe initiative, an innovative entrepreneurship program that trains aspiring micro and nano content creators on how to create content that creates business.

As a part of the collaboration, Foxtale hosted an hour-long session with Warikoo which focused on educating the influencers on monetisation and amplification of their content and building their own revenue.

Content creation around beauty is one of the most rapid and aspiring career options. In an industry that is driven by recommendations, the right mix of content and distribution will enable anyone to grow as a content creator. With Foxtale Tribe, the emerging skincare brand brings forth creative and multi-genre content producers to interact with a group of aspiring content creators and provides them with a platform to learn from the best and shape them into skilled content entrepreneurs.

Romita Mazumdar, Founder, Foxtale, said, "At Foxtale, we are motivated by women and their growth experiences. Our Foxtale Tribe is one such unique platform that is aimed at fortifying content producers especially women and equipping them with the right tools to shape them into future entrepreneurs. We collaborate with small and medium-sized content producers who produce content and advertise Foxtale on their social media platforms. This session with Ankur focused on creating an overall growth plan for these aspiring influencers and entailed them with means to monetize their content. Foxtale Tribe is a dedication towards creative minds who are working hard and have routined to make content creation their vocation. We anticipate welcoming a sizable number of creators and are glad to assist them in their journey." 

"Consistency and authenticity are the two utmost significant things to win the content creation game,” Warikoo said.

“Algorithms want us to be its friend who it can trust to post quality content consistently. With that, having a clinical schedule for every content produced will help every budding creator to track their growth and work on it. One piece of advice that the young minds must abide by, is to find their niche. Creating original content in their own niche will help them gain a community of their own. But this doesn't mean they can't try out different things. Constantly experimenting and putting out authentic content makes one creator distinct from another.”

In his session, he shared knowledge with the attendees. From sharing each lesson, he learnt from every step of his journey to how he considered himself as a ‘brand’ even before stepping into the content game, Warikoo made sure to make this session vastly informative and unforgettable.

The session came to an end when Romita announced the affiliate program and how it is designed for the creators to gain from it. Warikoo also shared some insights on how he benefited from the affiliate links in his profile stating that today’s creators are fortunate to have new - age brands help them to grow through such programs.

The YouTube session can be accessed by clicking here.